Everything Is Copy

Everything Is Copy

A dedication to his mother Nora Ephron, who was nurtured in Hollywood as the daughter of screenwriters and went on to become an ace reporter turned piercingly witty essayist turned novelist/screenwriter/playwright/director, Jacob Bernstein's immensely entertaining film is a tribute to his mother. In this film, Ephron comes to life through her words, the recollections of her sisters and coworkers, her ex-husband and many other friends, sequences from her films, and most importantly, her own inimitable presence on screen. Just take a look at any given moment in which Ephron is being her brilliant yet caustically humorous self (for example, this retort to a scolding talk-show host— "What can I say? You seem to have a soft place for Julie Nixon. See, I don't believe it "The fact that she has been absent from our midst for three years is difficult to comprehend. A lovingly painted but truthful depiction of Ephron's mother's generation, Everything Is Copy (Ephron's mother's slogan) is also an evocative snapshot of a more vibrant, livelier, bitchier and funnier era in New York culture.
Duration: 89 min
Production: HBO Documentary Films

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