Hubble's Cosmic Journey

Hubble's Cosmic Journey

This is your portal to the cosmos......... Discovery, the Space Shuttle's cargo ship, sent Hubble to its initial orbit in April 1990. Release into orbit at a height of more than 500 kilometers above Earth's surface heralded the beginning of one of humanity's most ambitious projects: launching a telescope into space at an altitude above Earth's atmosphere that would provide the finest possible view of the universe. Yet when a fault in Hubble's mirror was discovered months after its initial unveiling, it became evident the dream had transformed into a nightmare. For the next three years, people suffered through agony and sacrifice as they tried to build a rescue operation to correct the problem. Awe-inspiring results gave us the most comprehensive picture we've ever had of the universe. In this book, you'll learn about the people behind the creation, construction, maintenance, and operation of the world's most famous scientific instrument, the Hubble Space Telescope.
Released: 2015-04-19
Genre: Documentary

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