Lost in White

Lost in White

Lost in White takes regions at China's north east, where two figures are found under the ice of a frozen river, unidentifiable was made by their remains by carnivorous fish, but bearing the mark of having been dragged with a ice hook. In charge of the analysis is Captain Zhou (Tony Leung Ka Fai), a passionate cop who's dragging along his teenaged daughter Xinyi (Zhou Dongyu). Soon he is joined by Wang Hao (Tong Dawei) a young Shanghai detective who's on a missing man case who has directed him into the exact village where the murders happened. The two cases show to get connected: the missing person and the two victims were part of a quartet of individuals that ten years ago started a refinery at the area, and disposed of substance waste in an unethical manner that's poisoned the waters and contributed to malformed babies at the following decade. Could be the missing gentleman the killer, the victim or perhaps a red herring?
Released: 2016-04-15
Genre: N/A
Duration: 103 min
Country: N/A
Production: N/A

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