Mr. Right

Mr. Right

Growing up in a small town, Charlie, Alex and Nick weren't the very popular kiddies around after they formed"The Elite Monster Unit". Chasing notorious, mythical legends and legends was exciting for these, maybe not"cool" into one other kiddies around. So they lived their lives on the outside the"in" crowd. Making matters worse was the obvious crush on Brandy of Charlie, perhaps one of the children in school and sister into a few of the biggest bullies around. Attempting to impress Brandy, Charlie takes a dare by her brother Nick that says he and his friends needs to spend Halloween night in a home long rumored to be haunted.What appears to be an easy challenge immediately turns out for a night of frights as Charlie, Nick and Alex are in the fight of their lives hoping to out smart (and outrun) their newest nemesis, a phantom dog called Salty, who does anything they can to get this the worst night of the own lives...
Duration: 79 min
Production: Swirl Films

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