About a Boy

About a Boy

A charmed existence lives since the man child that is ultimate. He had been given a lifetime of freelove free time and freedom from financial woes. He is unemployed single and enjoying it. Imagine his surprise when a destitute single mom Fiona and her charming son, Marcus, proceed in nearby and interrupt his world. When Marcus starts diminishing by his dwelling unannounced, Will's perhaps not so sure about being a kid companion, before, of course, Will discovers that women find unmarried dads irresistible. That changes everything and a bargain is struck: Marcus will feign to be the son of Will and , in return, Marcus is allowed to chill the house of Will. Will finds himself looking for the kid and even starts to savor the visits, before he realizes it. In fact, he may be just taught by this friendship a thing or 2 that he never imagined potential - around himself and looking after the others.

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