Game of Outlaws

Game of Outlaws

Jane and also Lalisa were born upon the very same day and also are step-siblings. Their daddy died while serving in the police. Lalisa's mother treated Janenaree as her own youngster. Along with their more youthful brother, they formed a close brother or sister bond. With time, Lalisa as well as Janenaree got in the SIC special training device. Both were sent to train with Examiner Non. The young law enforcement agents that checked out the Royal Thai Cops and is appreciated by the commanders in the company. Non chooses Darin as his new aide. But, after the death of Darin during a chase with pusher, he gets discouraged as well as resigns from the authorities. Yet Leader Kajorn still desires him to continue working. Amidst the authorization of Captain Kajorn, who saw the capacity of Janenaree, sent her as Non's new aide. Yet Lalisa misunderstands that her sister will certainly take Non from her. Will both Janenaree and Lalisa integrate or continue with rivalry? Will inspector Non have the ability to capture the primary mastermind behind the drug cartel?

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