New Worlds

New Worlds

New Worlds is really a gripping 4 part miniseries dealing with love, loss and the price paid for liberties and the freedom we enjoy. We follow the fortunes of four adults - Beth, Abe, Hope and Ned - out around either side of the Atlantic, swept up in such tumultuous times. We see them struggle as they're torn between love and ideals at the harsh reality of the changing universe. In Englandthe restored monarchy of Charles II has betrayed its own promises and sentenced to tyranny. Beneath the decadence of the Court, there is a terror machine repressing the freedoms won for the people who have blood during the Civil War of England when Charles I was executed. In the us the tentacles of state dread reach the colonists of New England who're trying hard to throw off the shackles of the British Crown. At the same time the colonists are ruthlessly staking their claim to the territories occupied by the Native American Indians, also dropping much of the American Indian's blood in the process - at a chilling echo of the tyrannical behavior They sought to escape from when they grabbed the Atlantic
Duration: 60 min
Country: United Kingdom

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