Princess Ja Myung

Princess Ja Myung

Ja Myung Go is a 2009 Southern Korean historical drama starring Jung Kyung-ho, Park Min-young along with Jung Ryeo-won. It aired on SBS from March 9 on July 2 1, 2009. It's based on the Princess of Nakrang, which touches the story of this Nakrang Kingdom and the Korean folk tale Prince Hodong. Based on the tale, there is a famous drum called the jamyeonggo, literally"the drum which beats by itself," that possessed the mystical power to automatically sound an alert whenever enemies would invade its own realm. About attacking Nakrang the self-sounding drum caused neighboring states, including Goguryeo's warrior state, to be concerned. A priest of Goguryeo called Hodong infiltrated Nakrang of destroying the drum with the aim. But the prince fell so deeply in love. For her love, the princess finally chose to tear off the drum. Because of this, her nation fell into ruin and that she had been murdered. Prince Hodong mourned holding her entire body. The play collection gives a fresh twist for the reason that the drum is infact a individual this Nakrang Kingdom's princess' sister. Growing up to Nakrang's princess, Ra-hee is loved by her people, whilst Ja-myung conveys a murder attempt and resides as a commoner. Prince Hodong, the Goguryeo Kingdom, from Nakrang's enemy, is torn between 2 women and two states, and must make a choice between love and responsibility.
Released: 2009-03-10
Genre: Drama
Duration: 70 min
Country: South Korea
Production: N/A

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