Tokyo Vampire Hotel

Tokyo Vampire Hotel

Manni encounters mass-murder at a pub on the 22nd birthday day. From the Izakaya, the men and women who ran away because of these lives, are targeted at Yamada of the Neo Vampire tribe of the Corbin tribe along with K of the Dracula tribe. Manami was. Manami is about to be caught in K, is removed into the Yamada of the Corvin of both Anti-Dracula, plus they're restricted from the Tokyo Vampire Hotel known as. And the Korbin tribes had advanced a plan using this specific hotel. The aim is to collect a large number of human young women and men, let the ending of the Earth, decide to survive in this potent refuge hotel and also to secure food (human bloodstream ) to the remainder of my life. What's the mission of K? What's Manami's destiny? And also the struggle between mankind and Vampire and Neo Vampire begins.
Duration: 40 min
Country: Japan
Production: Nikkatsu Corporation

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